Ric Robinson

All art is the attempt by the artist to create and express meaning from the internal dialogue they have with the world around them. Ric’s work often thus revolves around his sense of place and belonging, and occupies the littoral space between expression and representation.

Ric is a founder member of the Fire Monkey Arts Collective and works mostly in acrylics, is experimenting with oils and undertakes regular forays into printmaking. His style has no specific (limiting) direction or programme and is subject to developing techniques and the constraints of translating his internal dialogue into a meaningful expression.

Ric’s recent work, as seen below, has focused on two very different areas of interest. Firstly, a series of responses to the crisis of toxic masculinity and (tw) domestic violence. The second gallery is a series of British wildlife portraits backed with gold leaf.

Ric can be contacted through his website: ricrobinsonart.com 

or via social media portal: about.me/RicRobinson


“Toxic Masculinity”

“Golden Wildlife”