Simon Whitcomb

Simon Whitcomb lives and works in Southsea and has shown his paintings widely in Portsmouth.

“My work reflects my love of our coastline and the many beautiful features of Portsmouth and Southsea”. The paintings in Simon’s ‘Southsea Rock’ series make reference to aspects of seaside culture such as deck chairs and brightly coloured sticks of rock.

Through showing work at numerous places in Albert Road, Simon became involved with the legendary “Love Albert Road Day’ festival. Capturing the carnival atmosphere on canvas and working amongst the crowds of revellers and has painted in the vibrant street many times.

Around this time, Simon’s work attracted the attention of The Kings Theatre, Southsea, who invited him to exhibit his painting there. This became a long association with the theatre and Simon has lead many art workshops and projects, including two large art installations at The Kings.

Involvement with the dramatic arts inspired Simon to dream up his next project ‘Zombies in Southsea’. An imaginary horror film set in his home town and heavily influenced by his love of the Hammer horror films of the 60’s and 70’s. These two epic paintings feature another great interest, the seaside pier. Clarence Pier and South Parade pier provide the settings for this work.

Amongst Simon’s latest work is ‘The Mariner’ illustrating the life and mythology of the life at sea which first appeared in a solo show at ‘Strong Island’ in Southsea. Simon went on to produce limited etching prints, paintings and drawings exploring this universal sailor under the name themariner7. This work reflects all these influences and are familiar images from Simon’s collection together with this new work, new direction and process. A voyage of discovery.